Deer Hunting

Deer hunting season generally runs from mid November to late January. Bow season runs from mid October to late January. Hunters are normally allowed to harvest one buck per day. For more detailed information on bag limits and specific dates listed by county, please visit the link below.

Turkey Hunting

Clarke and Monroe counties are open for a fall season ranging from mid November to early January. All other counties in the Black Belt are open for regular Spring turkey hunting seasons from mid March to late April. For more detailed information regarding turkey hunting and bag limits, please visit the link below.

Quail Hunting

Quail hunting in Alabama ranges from mid November through March at commercial hunting lodges. You are limited to twelve a day per person. For more information regarding quail hunting requirements and bag limits for the 2011-2012 season, click the link below.


All public streams, lakes and ponds are open to fishing throughout the year except some state-owned and managed public fishing lakes. It is illegal to fish in private waters without permission from the owners. More information on fishing regulations and info can be found at the link below.

Dove Hunting

Dove hunting is separated into three zones (north, central and south). North and central counties (all black belt counties excluding Barbour) have a split season ranging as follows:

  • Early September to early October
  • Late October to early November
  • Mid December to early January

Dove hunting in Barbour county is from early October to late October and early December to early January. For specific dates and more information regarding dove hunting in Alabama’s black belt, please click the link below.

Duck Hunting

Duck hunting season starts in early December and ends in late January. Shooting hours are from half an hour before sunrise to sunset. The bag limit is set to six ducks per day and may include no more than four Mallards (no more than 2 of which may be female), 3 Wood Ducks, 1 Mottled Duck, 1 Black Duck, 2 Redhead, 2 Pintail, 1 Canvasback, and 2 Scaup. The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit. Please refer to the Alabama Waterfowl Hunting Guide for more information or visit the Alabama Hunting & Fishing Digest website in the links below.

Small Game Hunting

For squirrel and rabbit hunting, the season starts early October and ends in late February. Raccoon and possum hunting starts in early September and continues throughout February as well. No running of dogs during daytime or after 3:00 a.m. during and in areas of spring turkey season. Bag limits are eight a day/per person for squirrel and rabbit. Limits for Raccoon hunting are five per person on private-owned lands and five per party on public hunting land. For more information regarding small game hunting, please visit the link below.

Wild Hog Hunting

Wild-hog hunting is year-round and is an open-season. Illegal trapping, transport, and release of feral swine are a major cause of population expansion and movement across the United States. For more information regarding wild-hog hunting, please view the article in the link below.